Classically trained, naturally innovative.


Shannon Davis Acting Reel 2017

Acting Work

Shannon has performed on stages across the country. She is known for her thoughtful characterizations, her mastery of classical texts, her stylized movement work, and her transformative vocal work. She is a 'triple threat,' equally skilled at acting, dancing, and singing.

Shannon Davis captures Ophelia's quiet disappointment and then her antic madness; her sharp action and the quality of acting predominate over other production values. -M Meigs, CTX Live Theatre

Standouts in the large cast include Shannon Davis as the grieving widow Lady Ann. - G. Rice, Isthmus

She is a true triple threat, equally adept at dancing, acting, and possessed of a beautiful voice which she has trained to a high degree. -Angela Iannone, Actor/Director/Lecturer

When a light shines on the jar, the actor inside (Davis) delivers lines in a rapid-fire, exciting way, forcing the audience to listen closely. -C. Connors, Isthmus





Mary McVicker The Prison Where I Live Forward Theatre Company - Overture Center
Dr. Stephanie Cantor The New Hire UW-Madison - Office of Equity & Diversity
Actor Richard III UW-Madison - Mitchell Theatre
Director An Evening of Poe UW-Madison - Hemsley Theatre
Lindsey Clybourne Park UW-Madison - Hemsley Theatre
Julia Should've UW-Madison Science Festival
Ms. Saunders, Lin Cloud Nine UW-Madison - Mitchell Theatre
Mrs. Cratchit A Christmas Carol Children's Theatre of Madison (CTM) - Overture Center
Flo, W2 I Can't Go On, I'll Go On UW-Madison - Hemsley Theatre
Polina The Seagull Moscow Art Theatre- USA - Cambridge, MA
Detective Karen Triggered Bermuda Dunes Productions
Kess Independence Paradox Players - Austin, TX
Nyssa Aurora, Washer Woman Sleeping Beauty Vortex Repertory Theatre - Austin, TX
Ophelia Hamlet City Theatre Company - Austin, TX
Sarah Possession UW-Milwaukee - Film Festival
Sally Brown You're a Good Man Charlie Brown UW-Whitewater
Bunny The Desk Set UW-Whitewater
Tiger Lily Peter Pan UW-Whitewater
Hymen, Shepherdess As You Like It UW-Whitewater
Elain The Miss Firecracker Contest UW-Whitewater
W2 Little By Little UW-Whitewater
Emma Betrayal UW-Madison - Hemsley Theatre
Bridget Wake Me When I'm Dead Centre of Attention Productions - Milwaukee, WI


If you are interested in working with Shannon or discussing future projects, feel free to email her.