Creating conversations and positive change through performance.


Shannon R. Davis Directing Reel 2017

Theatre Director

Shannon creates experiential performances for the stage that stimulate thought-provoking conversations and inspire positive change. Using mythology and traditional storytelling as scaffolding to challenging contemporary narratives, she explores powerful movement, stark contrasts, and dense textual work to create holistic theatre.

Helen. Redefining Beauty: Artfully directed by Shannon Davis, Helen marries ancient poetry with absurdism, and a treatise on gender studies with references to pop culture, all while underlining the emptiness of superficial love, fame and power. Although the text is dense with philosophy, literary analysis and mythological backstory, the production is compelling on more than just an intellectual level. But in the play's final moment, when she considers making a stronger choice, Helen is truly beauty personified. -G. Rice, Isthmus

Hotel Morocco has lots of ambiance and some tough, snarling dialogue. Talk about atmosphere -- it has taken the 50’s noir setting of a New York fleabag hotel, populated it with [expletive], women looking for bad sex, gangsters, a demented ancient resident and one would-be writer on his way down. The actors have a good time with this nasty dialogue and they deliver it well. Director Shannon Davis keeps the action moving at breakneck pace around the stage. - M. Meigs, CTX Live Theatre

Beautiful Mythbusting in UT's 'Helen': Director Shannon Davis does a great job of keeping the focus on the character's emotions and interplay. The play ends on a hopeful note, holding out the possibility that Helen might yet reclaim some humanity and ownership of her life. "Beauty is a hell of a thing," Helen says at one point. As UT's production shows, she's not kidding. -A. Conklin, Madison Magazine

An Evening of Poe: The production starts out on an exciting and inventive note: As the audience files into the theater, they are greeted by cast members wearing lab coats and given a mini-examination before taking their seats. This is an engaging way to introduce the first piece of the evening -G. Rice, Isthmus

The show conveyed the adventure of finding out who you are and (what you) can be. Minimal set and lots of unique lighting that made for engaging special effects. All of the actors were outstanding, and the modernized plot was refreshing. The underlying theme of self-discovery was appealing to all ages in the audience. If you want to see a heartwarming Greek epic, make sure to buy your tickets for 'Helen.' A. Ruckdashel, The Daily Cardinal





Artistic Consultant NSF Film Research Project UC-Berkeley & Stanford - Computer Science Department
Director Devised Work- The Bully International School of Asia Karuizawa - Karuizawa, Japan
Choreographer The Music Man Bay Area Children's Theatre - Oakland, CA
Director Lion King Bay Area Children's Theatre - Oakland, CA
Director The Amazing Loki None
Director Monsters, Schemes, & Wild Things StageWrite - Brava Theater
Director Death of a Mime Pianofight - ShortLived Festival
Director Where the Wild Things Are StageWrite - San Francisco, CA
Director The Third Meow None
Assistant Director The Rover Shotgun Players - Ashby Stage
Assistant Director The Lady Onstage Playwright's Foundation SF - Stanford University
Director Shakesbot Microsoft Research - Seattle, WA
Director Devised Taming of the Shrew International School of Asia Karuizawa - Karuizawa, Japan
Director Helen UW-Madison - Hemsley Theatre
Director Devised Work- Identity International School of Asia Karuizawa - Karuizawa, Japan
Director An Evening of Poe UW-Madison - Hemsley Theatre
Director Devised Romeo & Juliet International School of Asia Karuizawa - Karuizawa, Japan
Assistant Director Summer and Smoke UW-Madison - Mitchell Theatre
Director Am I Blue? UW-Madison - Mitchell Theatre
Assistant Director Triggered Bermuda Dunes Productions
Director Hotel Morocco Echo Players Theatre Company - Salvage Vanguard Theatre
Assistant Director Terra Nova UW-Whitewater
Director The Legend of Sleepy Hollow UW-Whitewater
Assistant Director The Affections of May UW-Whitewater
Director The Women UW-Whitewater
Director A Midsummer Night's Dream YES Theater - San Anselmo Playhouse
Director Water is Life None


If you are interested in working with Shannon or discussing future projects, feel free to email her.