Shannon R. Davis

Theatre Artist: Director, Educator, Actor, and Activist.

About Shannon

Shannon is a professional theatre artist. She is known for her work in theatre for cultural and social awareness and how artists can use theatre as a tool to start meaningful dialogue and inspire positive change. While directing and teaching, Shannon explores psycho-physical performance and mindful storytelling. Shannon's distinct blend of traditional and modern storytelling is influenced by her Native American and Saami heritages.

When she is not rehearsing, performing, or teaching, she enjoys drawing, hiking, and caring for animals.

MFA: Directing & Acting. UW-Madison

BA: Theatre & Vocal Performance. UW-Whitewater

CERTIFICATE: Moscow Art Theatre USA Summer School. Harvard

CERTIFICATE: Unarmed Stage Combat. Society of American Fight Directors (SAFD)

CERTIFICATE: Single Stage Rapier. Dueling Arts International


If you are interested in working with Shannon or discussing future projects, feel free to email her.